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My Story

I first had my knee replaced by another surgeon in February 2012, and despite lots of physiotherapy, my leg remained swollen and I was in a degree of pain and had very limited mobility in the operated knee.

Although I could walk reasonable distances, I did so with a limp and tackling stairs was a difficult and slow process, basically sideways and one step at a time.  My quality of life was not as it should have been.

Late in 2014 I was fortunate to be referred to Mr Michael Moss who quickly identified the cause of my discomfort and recommended a revision of the original knee replacement.  This was carried out on January 23rd 2015, as I was anxious to be able to attend my sons wedding in April.

The revision has been a huge success, I can now go up and down stairs completely normally, and am able to comfortably use a static bike for my exercise without any pain, this is something I could no longer do due to the limitation of mobility I had in my previous joint. I no longer walk with a limp, as I am properly balanced and don't think twice about tackling everyday tasks which previously were almost impossible.

I am now back to full mobility in my knee with no tripping or stumbling, and very much enjoy walking my dog on the south downs and managing to even keep up with my husbands pace.

Best of all I was able to fully enjoy my sons wedding in April without any walking aids what so ever! Not bad for just 11 weeks after the operation!!

"I also managed the important parts of the day in small heels".

Thanks to Mr Moss' skill and dedication I now have my life back.


Sandra Berry

(Knee revision surgery January 2015)

Dear Mr Moss

This is a slightly delayed thank you for the excellent care and attention I have received at The Nuffield Hospital in February where you performed a total hip replacement for me.

I have now fully recovered and am able to do all the things I had almost totally given up before.  I go to the gym, walk the dogs and am able to swim properly again due to the operation.  I have no pain at all even after doing the things mentioned above, as your secretary Niki said when I spoke to her the other day "I got my life back".

The staff at The Nuffield are excellent and nothing was too much trouble for them.  This means absolutely everyone there, doctors, physiotherapists, catering and domestic teams.  I was able to recover in hospital and felt confident leaving on crutches, returning some 6 weeks later to see you without them or a stick for my post-op check up.

I would recommend you to anyone, and in fact did at the weekend when a friend of mine mentioned she had pain in her hip and knee, you may hear from her soon.

Once again many thanks for your amazing work and care.

Yours Sincerely


Eileen Gregory

(Total hip replacement February 2016)

In 1998 and 2001 respectively, Mr Moss and his team carried out complete hip replacements to my right and left hips.

I am very glad to say that both are in good working order and I am still striding away on the golf course in 2015!

More recently in 2014 Mr Moss performed a double patella-femoral replacement procedure on my knees and they are doing very well.


I have nothing but praise for the professional way that Mr Moss and his team have carried out all of these procedures and looked after me.


Mr Dennis Punter

West Sussex


Dear Mr Moss

At 74 years of age I can hardly thank you enough for the excellent total knee replacement procedure you carried out on both of my knees.  One replacement was in October 2013 and the 2nd in January 2014.  Both are a total success and are pain free.  My quality of life is dramatically improved and is something that senior people do so need.

Our daughter has a physiotherapy practice here is Barossa Valley, South Australia is most impressed with both the aesthetic and mechanical quality of your work.  The angle to which I can bend my knees is as good as any natural knee and better than most knee replacements that she has to treat.  Her staff commented on how good my knee movement is and the angle of knee bend I am able to achieve.  Some credit they felt may be to the fact that I strictly followed the exercise program during my recovery.  I am now doing exercises to strengthen my stomach muscles to cure back ache.  I gather this is due to my back muscles being very tight and over worked due to lazy or under used stomach muscles.

My knees together with the hip replacements you carried out for me some years ago do cause some fun when passing through airport security.  These days I gather this is not an unusual occurrence, as airport security staff efficiently carry out their duty.

Once again I say thank you as the journeys that we take regularly would not even be possible.  We stopped for a week in Borneo on the way to Australia and then intend to have a week in Thailand on our way back to the UK.

Kind Regards


Bernard Lane



Mr Moss answered the listener's plentiful questions and explained to the presenter what people can do to avoid hip and knee pain as we grow older. 



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. It is a degenerative joint disease that causes deterioration of cartilage between bones. It can be caused by aging, genetics, obesity, and joint injuries from sports, work, or accidents.

In 2012, 92% of hip joints replaced in the UK were needed because of osteoarthritis.

In the same year, 98% of the knee joints replaced in the UK were because the patient was diagnosed with osteoarthritis.