Mr Michael Moss

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

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Our knees are the hardest working and most complex joint in our body. When a knee is damaged or becomes injured, the simplest of every day movements and activities can become painful and, in some instances, impossible.

Regardless of whether your condition is congenital, occupational or sports related, you need a highly skilled surgeon, the latest hospital equipment and a team that will help you rehabilitate. I’m pleased to say we can offer you all of these at our locations in Chichester.

Commonly patients experience pain and swelling in the knee and find that everyday activities are uncomfortable. Walking may be restricted and sleep may be interrupted. Patients may notice instability or locking of the knee and occasionally a grinding sensation.

Though non-surgical treatments are always considered initially, if using medication and a cane aren’t delivering enough relief, you need to be referred to a consultant orthopaedic surgeon by your GP before you can be considered for surgery.

 Knee surgery is carried out in two main ways and can be either arthroscopic (keyhole), which is typically used for sports injury, meniscal or cartilage procedures, or open, which is used for reconstructive and resurfacing operations. I am an expert in both of these methods.


Frequently Asked Questions

What tests will confirm the diagnosis of osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is often visible on X-rays. Cartilage loss is indicated if the normal space between the bones is narrowed, if there is an abnormal increase in bone density, or if bony projections or erosions are evident. A blood test is often taken to rule out rheumatoid arthritis.

Mr Moss will conduct an examination of your joint and will ask you to describe the pain. He will record your medical history, often asking you a series of questions about injuries, infections, ailments you have experienced, and any medications you are taking.

From this information and examination, Mr Moss will choose the most appropriate treatment option for you.