Mr Michael Moss

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

01243 753032

Articular cartilage (the white lining tissue of the bone) forms a vital function within our knee joints, coating the bearing surfaces of the knee, allowing them to move effortlessly across each other.

However the smooth lining of the joint may be damaged by injury leading to painful symptoms as parts of the underlining bone are exposed, giving rise to grating and crunching along with pain and aching. This is the beginning of osteoarthritis. Once damaged, articular cartilage does not regenerate and there is the possibility that damage to the articular cartilage can progress leading to arthritis of the joint.

Arthroscopic surgery is aimed at containing and smoothing these areas, promoting the growth of repair tissue and helping to prevent further damage to existing articular tissue.

I have a particular interest in the prevention of joint damage and employ other specialist techniques such as coblation, microfracture and cartilage grafting to restore the function of the joint. I am also also involved in the newest techniques of regeneration using biological scaffolds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect when I come to hospital?

Following your appointment with Mr Moss, his practice manager Niki Bassett will get in touch to offer you a convenient date and time for admission. Following this discussion you will have an hour-long appointment with our pre-assessment nursing/physiotherapy team. This will be to discuss medical history, medication, recovery after surgery, equipment you may need, home circumstances and any worries you may have regarding your treatment. The nurse will liaise with Mr Moss’s anaesthetist regarding your test results. If the anaesthetist is concerned about your medical history he may ask you to attend another appointment to see him in clinic.

On the day of admission you will be taken to your room by one of our receptionist team. The nurse in charge of your care will confirm your medical history and check your medication has not changed since your pre-assessment appointment. You will then be prepared for theatre. Mr Moss and his anaesthetist will see you prior to theatre to explain fully what they will be doing and consent with be obtained.

Following surgery you will continue to be looked after in your own room by the nursing and physiotherapy staff.

Mr Moss or his anaesthetist will review you on a daily ward round. You will be visited daily by our resident medical doctor who is on-call to answer any questions. You will also be visited by our pharmacist to ensure the pain medication is suitable for you.