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Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

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The advantages provided by these smaller knee resurfacing procedures can occasionally be extended in the more active patient whose knee has slightly more advanced wear extending into two of the three areas of the knee.

Typically the patellofemoral (front) part of the knee is replaced together with either the medial (inner) or lateral (outer) parts. Both the medial and lateral compartments together have also been resurfaced. This allows the knee to keep both its natural cruciate ligaments within the joint as well as the ligaments outside it. This provides a more natural and stable feel to the joint as well as allowing a more rapid recovery.

This is a highly specialised procedure and although it is said to be “new” I was a leading developer of this technique and have been successfully performing these procedures for several years for the more active patients who make higher demands on their knees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Joint replacements – what type of artificial implant does Mr Moss use?

Mr Moss uses a range of artificial implants, or prostheses, to replace diseased or damaged bone around joints. The implants mimic bone shape and can be made of metal, high density polyethylene or ceramic. They are made by Zimmer, the largest orthopaedic manufacturing company in the world.

Mr Moss is frequently used as a specialist advisor to Zimmer and works extremely closely with the prostheses manufacturer to develop some ground breaking products in the United Kingdom. Working this closely with Zimmer, Mr Moss has been able to successfully carry out some of the UK’s firsts for his patients.

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