Mr Michael Moss

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

01243 753032

Patients who have part of their knee resurfaced are usually more active and over years find other parts of the knee become worn as arthritis spreads with age. It is possible to resurface other areas of the knee thereby covering all eventualities.

Patients who undergo this procedure have a higher rate of activity than those having a total knee resurfacing including competitive sport, dancing, tennis, swimming and most gym activity. Many patients ski and sail.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tests will confirm the diagnosis of osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is often visible on X-rays. Cartilage loss is indicated if the normal space between the bones is narrowed, if there is an abnormal increase in bone density, or if bony projections or erosions are evident. A blood test is often taken to rule out rheumatoid arthritis.

Mr Moss will conduct an examination of your joint and will ask you to describe the pain. He will record your medical history, often asking you a series of questions about injuries, infections, ailments you have experienced, and any medications you are taking.

From this information and examination, Mr Moss will choose the most appropriate treatment option for you.