Mr Michael Moss

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

01243 753032

I am a specialist knee and hip surgeon who also has particular expertise in sports injuries.

More and more people actively participate in sport, starting younger and continuing their interest into later life, which can result in joint problems and wear at an earlier age.

I have extensive experience, performing hundreds of ACL reconstructions and thousands of arthroscopic surgeries as well as hip and knee replacements (from partial replacements through to complex revision procedures) since I became I consultant in 1994.

In my experience, the ability to manage all orthopaedic knee and hip conditions from those developing in children and adolescents, through sports injuries in athletes of all abilities (elite professionals to ‘weekend warriors’) and ultimately to joint replacement in patients with severe arthritis, is crucial to providing a complete service.

In addition to working with elite sportsmen (in sailing, rugby, football, polo, squash etc…) I have a particular interest in managing the young, active patient with joint wear. I work closely with the orthopaedic industry to develop and evaluate the latest treatments and techniques ensuring I’m able to offer my patients the most up-to-date procedures and equipment possible.

The key to achieving the best possible outcome for all sports injuries is early, accurate diagnosis because delays can compromise recovery.

I work closely with expert musculoskeletal radiologists (using the latest imaging techniques) and specialist physiotherapists to provide rapid diagnosis and a clear treatment plan for all knee and hip injuries from simple knee meniscus or ligament injuries to major dislocations.

Ensuring my patients fully understand their injury is critical to their successful recovery. Whether you are an elite professional athlete or involved in sport at a recreational level, I will take time with my team to ensure you fully understand what is involved with your treatment with the aim of achieving the best result possible and hopefully, get back enjoying your sport.




Frequently Asked Questions

What tests will confirm the diagnosis of osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is often visible on X-rays. Cartilage loss is indicated if the normal space between the bones is narrowed, if there is an abnormal increase in bone density, or if bony projections or erosions are evident. A blood test is often taken to rule out rheumatoid arthritis.

Mr Moss will conduct an examination of your joint and will ask you to describe the pain. He will record your medical history, often asking you a series of questions about injuries, infections, ailments you have experienced, and any medications you are taking.

From this information and examination, Mr Moss will choose the most appropriate treatment option for you.